After being raped by a dirty cop, and losing her job, a young, Black, Muslim, single-mother in Baltimore, rebels against her religious Imam father, and to provide for her daughter on her own terms, takes over her cousin’s drug- dealing operation; embracing the violence that comes with the crown.

Preproduction Day 12

November 25, 2010

Day 12:

I’m hard at work today. I might have a nervous breakdown. 🙂 Or, just continue breaking down my script into a shot list.

Woke up to news from my producer that I must come up with an additional $1200. And, shorten my shoot schedule. And, bring on another producer. . .

Ah, the joys of filmmaking. (That was a little bit of sarcasm. I’m working on becoming adept at using it. Those who know me are fully aware of my inability to decipher and use sarcasm. I’m a work in progress. For real.) Smile, it’s Thanksgiving. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

Many Murals like this one decorate West Baltimore. This one is right around the corner from where the series takes place.


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