After being raped by a dirty cop, and losing her job, a young, Black, Muslim, single-mother in Baltimore, rebels against her religious Imam father, and to provide for her daughter on her own terms, takes over her cousin’s drug- dealing operation; embracing the violence that comes with the crown.

Day 2: Principal Photography

Day 2:

A six year old girl, wearing a traditional head scarf and sucking on a grape ring pop, asked me, “Why y’all got those cameras? What you doin’ here?”

We were shooting Friday prayer, Salatul Jumuah, a mandatory congregational prayer every Friday at Masjid ul Haqq. It was an amazing experience working with my multi-religious cast (Catholic, Christian, Muslim, etc.) in the midst of my hometown community.

One of my producers, Alvin Gray, remarked, “[Islam] is like a whole way of life.” He and many other cast and crew members told me how much they learned about Muslims and our beliefs today.

Nia Directing Justin, Mikey, and Napoleon

Wide Shot of the Scene

Nia conferring with DP Antar Hanif


Watching the take on the Canon 7D "monitor"

"It's freezing out here!"

Prepping for the next scene

"Let's go back outside!"

Masjid Ul Haqq

Islamic Way


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