A young man in Baltimore struggles with his choice to be a drug dealer as his lifestyle clashes with his Islamic beliefs.

Day 3 Principal Photography

Day 3:

Overheard on set: “Wow. That was deep. I’ve never seen a body wrapped like that before.”

Today, one of the scenes we shot involved the preparation of a dead body for a Janaazah, a Muslim Funeral. It was a very spiritual experience. One cast member who wrapped the [very much alive] actual body said, “It made me very sad, and aware of my own mortality.” One of the producers was seen welling up with tears.

On a lighter note, my actors had a fun time playing with guns today. In fact, too much fun. My DP/Stunt Coordinator, Antar Hanif had to scold them, “I can’t leave you guys alone for a second! Stop playing with the guns.”

The cast and crew did an amazing job today. 🙂

Wrapping the Body

Body Washing Supplies

Bloody Cloth from Body Washing

Jamal and his Crew

Mischelle the Amazing Make Up Artist

Nia Directing Justin and Allison

Nia Antar and Sam prepping a shot

Nia Running lines with Justin

Justin as "Jamal" struggling with his choices

Back outside shooting

Nia Directing Tia as "Tanya"

Nia Directing Allison and Justin


The scene unfolds

Antar Hanif, Genius DP


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