A young man in Baltimore struggles with his choice to be a drug dealer as his lifestyle clashes with his Islamic beliefs.

Day 4 Principal Photography Final Shoot Day

Watching my scene unfold...

Day 4:

Today involved the most complicated action sequences, including a big gunfight in the middle of Mosher Street. In the pouring rain.

Thanks to a wonderful friend of mine (who I’ve known since he was a baby) we shot a robbery/shoot out in a tiny rowhouse apartment in the heart of West Baltimore’s drug district. AND, a major gunfight involving six different actors, two cars, and one monster truck-style, tricked out Chevy Suburban.

We lost a lot of blood. Literally. The rain kept washing away the blood off of my actors and their gunshot wounds.

But, thanks to a superb make up artist, a talented DP, and the patience of neighbors and the local Police Department, we shot an amazing gunfight scene in the pouring rain.

The cast and crew really did a great job. We spent our final day in West Baltimore, and culminated a 4-day shoot with good cheer and a few hilarious, behind-the-scenes moments not sufficient for work. 🙂 (Well, your work anyway. LOL.)

Well done, good people. Well done.

Westside Rowhouses

Division and Mosher Streets, Westside Neighborhood

"This is what's going to happen..."

Sound, Camera, Gaffer, Director

The Camera

The Famous Marble Steps

It's starting to rain.

"Where is she?"

"Get my money!"


One response

  1. Ian

    So proud of you and the cast and crew, Nia – keep that positive energy going into post!

    December 15, 2010 at 8:29 pm

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