After being raped by a dirty cop, and losing her job, a young, Black, Muslim, single-mother in Baltimore, rebels against her religious Imam father, and to provide for her daughter on her own terms, takes over her cousin’s drug- dealing operation; embracing the violence that comes with the crown.


Justin Hurtt-Dunkley as “Jamal”

Justin Hurtt-Dunkley

A New York native Justin Hurtt-Dunkley’s main focus is acting at age 11, Justin began playing the Saxophone and studying tap and jazz dance. His athletics abilities include playing Football, Basketball, Swimming and Track and Field.  He has participated numerous in programs such as Tavis Smiley’s Youth to Leaders, Black Achievers, LEAP, Jack and Jill Inc., and Urban League.

In 2006, Justin Hurtt-Dunkley continued to make his mark as a versatile actor appearing in HBO’s critically acclaimed series” The Wire” “Justin has appeared in TV series such as ‘HBO’s  How To Make It In America’ and ABC’s “Ugly Betty” He has also appeared in several NAACP commercials, Holiday video Series, and a number of Independent and short films.. Justin does not plan on stopping his growth as an actor anytime soon, though plans to be a triple threat to this industry and in time begin writing as well as directing.







Allison Hayden as “Shug”














Tia M. Goodson as “Tanya”

Tia M. Goodson















Kwasi Osei as “Hasan”

Kwasi Osei













Josiah Smith as “Lefty”

Josiah Smith a Baltimore native has been receiving training in acting for the last couple of years and has recently been accepted into The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. He is also a graduate of the 2010 AMTC (Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ) Annapolis class. In the summer of 2010, competing in Orlando Florida with over 900 contestants, Josiah won runner-up in overall commercial male model. Josiah has appeared in multiple independent films, television shows, and stage plays including those airing on HBO, ABC, BET, TV ONE, and more.











Candi Steele as “Gina”

Born and Raised in Baltimore, Md. Candi Always knew she was an entertainer. 
She attended Carver Center for the Arts and Technology and Baltimore School
of the Arts Perfecting her craft. As a young girl she performed all over the
east coast doing what she loves. Known as a Triple Threat, Candi is not only
an Actress, but a Well known Singer/Songwriter, and a licensed Esthetician. 
Some of her Work includes: 
-As Cherry Hill turns (Stage Play) 
-Love thy Neighbor(dvd) 
-Fame(stage play)
-As Cherry Hill Turns (radio)
(TV Commercial)
-Keith sweats Platinum House(TV episode 5) 
And More....








David Sommerville as “Antwan”


The powerful hand of divine providence is already guiding the career of gifted young actor and model, David Sommerville. At just 23, this one-to-watch talent is quickly making a name for himself in front of television cameras, on runways and on stages up and down his native East Coast. Raised by a single –parent father in East Port Terrace, a low-income area of Annapolis, David spent most of his early life without his mother, who battled substance abuse. Role models and teachers, who recognized the gifts of the good-looking kid from the neighborhood, kept him on the straight and narrow. Born confident, with only an elementary school play on his resume, some modeling and no formal acting training, the naturally gifted actor walked into an audition in Silver Spring, Maryland for an MSNBC re-enactment series of the D.C. Sniper saga and secured a lead role — beating out hundreds of more experienced actors. “I almost didn’t do it,” says David. “I did not want to be typecast as some gun toting thug, but it’s a story that needed to be told.” His performance was very well-received and resulted in a slew of offers. Attracted to inspired works, David recently secured a lead in the Historic Annapolis Foundation’s regional theater tour of Project Run-A-Way. Not content to wait for his ship to come in, but to swim out and meet it, David’s aspirations include more film, televisions, theater, and modeling work, and an eventual move to NY or L.A. He is currently working on an Associates in Criminal Justice, is single, and resides in Baltimore, Maryland.
















Napoleon Rogers as “Uncle Mohammed”

In 2004, Napoleon was contacted by playwright Derrell Owens of Zionward Productions to audition for his up-coming play entitled “Sessions in Autumn”, which at the time wasn’t finished being written…but ultimately debut in Baltimore, Maryland in 2006 to rave reviews and a sold out theater.  While waiting for “Sessions”, Napoleon got his first taste of Hollywood in 2005 as a 1 day stand-in on Disney’s “Step-Up”…as he was an extra on the set for 3 days thereafter.  That same day, he was contact by Sareva Racher of Pat Moran and Associates to be on the set of HBO’s “The Wire”, and from that moment on…the rest is history.  Napoleon Rogers has embodied numerous productions over the years.  His film credits include Disney’s “Step-Up” (released in 2006), Ideal PR’s “Misunderstandings” (2008), and New Wave Productions “Right to Remain Silent” (2011).  His theater accomplishments include Zionward Productions “Sessions in Autumn” (2006), as well as their spiritually based play entitled “Lord I Believe” (2008).







Chamia Lane as “Ameena”

Chamia Lane

Bred and buttered in Baltimore, Maryland, Chamia Lane always knew she wanted to be an actress. She began studying dance: ballet, tap, and jazz at the age of 4 before advancing onto musical theater at 10 years old. She has received formal theater training from the Arena Players Theater and the Baltimore School for the Arts T.W.I.G.S program.  Chamia is grateful to be a part of such a wonderful cast of talented actors. She would like to thank her friends and family for their ongoing encouragement and support, particularly her grandmother, Rose.











Rob Simpson as “Steelo”

Robert Simpson a D.C. native received his training in acting at The National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts.  During his intense training he studied many forms of the art from Greek,Shakespeare, Realism, Commedia Del Arte to name a few.  He has since appeared in many productions from those genres to more contemporary projects.  Robert is excited to be a part of this prevailing production, and feels the audience will enjoy the action.











Chijioke Winder as “Roc”













Michael McNair as “Nasir”

Michael McNair or more affectionately known as Mikey is a native of Baltimore, MD. He enjoys writing poetry and reading. Mikey plans to study theatre at Howard University. This series is Mikey’s first production.












Brandon Grinage as “Dante”


Brandon Grinage














Noah Tauheed as “Esa”

Noah Kamran Tauheed


Noah Kamran Tauheed was born to his parents Safiyyaah and Tarif on July 31, 2010. He was named after a prophet. Noah is a four month old that loves people. He is such a friendly baby he was asked to play Baby Esa in his aunt’s web series Chrysalis. Noah’s acting career is just beginning .



3 responses

  1. Robert Newman

    Congratulations on your being cast for the play, Justin Hurtt-Dunkley.

    I’m glad that you are making strides in your endeavors. Keep me posted as to when the production is coming to town.

    Mr. Newman
    Newark High School

    December 3, 2010 at 12:15 pm

  2. McNair, Patricia

    Allie & Mikey good luck to you both. I’m very proud of you two. I know this is just the beginning!

    December 11, 2010 at 8:09 pm

  3. Jazzy Fizzle

    Be ups to my bestie Justin… Keep up the good work… I am so proud of you!!! The rest of the cast keep up the good work also … I can’t wait to start watching the series 🙂

    August 10, 2011 at 9:35 pm

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